La Jolla kelp diving photo.

La Jolla Scuba Diving in San Diego, California

Join us daily for scuba diving in La Jolla. Our San Diego scuba diving tours explore the La Jolla Cove kelp forest and shores submarine canyon.

1 tank dive + rental gear = $150*
2 tank dive + rental gear = $230*
* (price includes: guide, all rental equipment, tanks, weights)

Phone: (619) 758-4040

Each morning our guides in meet in La Jolla for diving in the ecological reserve. Home to an amazing variety of underwater life. This protected marine area is considered by many to be one of the premier west coast dive locations. The ocean park stretches over six thousand acres. Boasting the world famous La Jolla Cove and Shores sites. Scuba participants can experience a variety of submarine landscapes. Lush kelp forests, shallow rocky reefs and deep canyons.

Scuba in La Jolla Cove

Beautiful scuba dive with seals.Typically our first scuba dive each day at the Cove is in the giant kelp followed by a second dive along the La Jolla cliffs near the seals.

A world renowned scuba destination. An abundant array of life can be encountered during our La Jolla Cove adventures. The protected reserve is quite entertaining even before entering the water. The marine park boasts two separate and very distinct diving experiences. Our first is in the magnificent giant kelp. This area is a stunning fantasy land teaming with life. Famous for the beautiful visual imagery from below the ocean. This trip is a must for all underwater photography enthusiasts. Our second dive is along the majestic cliffs lining the shore. This section is a bit shallower. Bright orange Garibaldi damselfish are often swimming along the cliff walls.

  • Entry from a small beach below stunning cliffs.
  • Lush kelp forests teaming with fish.
  • Rocky reef filled with lobster, crab and abalone.
  • Sea lions make the area home.
  • Various species of sharks throughout the spring and summer.
  • Other species including bat rays, eels and giant black bass.

La Jolla Shores Submarine Canyon – Guided Dives

Scuba experience with orange fish image.Ask about our La Jolla canyon dives. Each morning our guides lead groups of certified divers along both the North and South underwater walls. These dives offer a great opportunity to wall dive in a cold water environment.

The shores site is often a local diver’s first experience. Slow sloping sandy bottom. This site’s shallower regions are ideal for scuba certification classes. Dive refresher training is also an option at the shores. The sandy bottom eventually drops straight into the abyss. Our groups can find out a variety of critters. Explore the crevices that cover the top section of this sheer wall. The south end of Kellogg Park is the meeting point for our groups.

  • Shore entry from a large flat beach.
  • Vast sandy shallows sloping slowly to a drop off.
  • Sheer canyon walls home to many creatures.
  • Look for numerous octopus, crab and spiny lobster.
  • Unique site visitors may include dolphins and baby whales.
  • Be on the look out for the elusive angel shark.

What should I expect diving San Diego?

San Diego turtle near the shores site.

  • Advance reservations required for all La Jolla scuba trips.
  • Participants must be at least Open Water certified scuba divers.
  • Groups meet by 7:00 am each day at the La Jolla dive sites.
  • Two tank dive tours usually finish up by noon each day.
  • Our guides will bring all needed rental equipment to the dive site.
  • Our guides are all professional divers.
  • Optional daily snorkeling adventures available.
  • Call for advanced reservations.

Ocean activities are available on most days throughout the year in Southern California. With water temperatures cooling in the winter months the calm days often have some of the best visibility for scuba in La Jolla. The winter also bring the gray whale migration. Often pods of whales pass near San Diego on their way to warmer climates. Spring months bring new life to the ecological reserve. Our snorkeling experiences are a fantastic option in the spring months. During March and April lots of species give birth. Scuba in La Jolla with a variety of new born species is an special experience not to be missed. Southern California starts to warm up in the summer months. With higher water temperatures also come tune fish, sunfish, jellyfish and gorgeous leopard sharks. Some of the most pleasant scuba diving in La Jolla is in the autumn when the ocean is still quite warm and fish are abundant.

Snorkeling Tours in La Jolla

Snorkeling with sharks.There is an protected marine park just off the coast and it is awesome! Snorkeling is a fun adventure. Visitors looking for things to do should set aside time to explore the incredible underwater environment of this recreational area. Swimming with the gorgeous leopard sharks. Exploring the enormous caves. Even if your not scuba certified there is something for everyone in the La Jolla ecological reserve.